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Here you can get the latest info on The Big Day, and our thoughts on social entrepreneurship, care in the community, empowering the vulnerable and social inclusion.

By Simon Davies, Jun 9 2015 03:21PM

Hello everyone! Here's an update on developments for The Big Day 2015, that's June 24th (not long now)!

We have finalised forms and licensing where appropriate. No licensing is needed as no one will be selling any products or fundraising (please note this). This is only applicable to the Elli Centre and Spring Gardens, where The Big Lunch will be held from 12 noon. Coleshill and Caemaen centres are covered separately by their own policies.

We are beginning to promote the event in the media and any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

Social media is up and running, and our website is up - If you'd like to have an entry in our Organisations page, please let us have a few sentences about your organisation, any web links and logo.

Our Facebook page is HERE

We are currently applying for an event grant from the Town and Rural Councils, who have been most supportive of the event.

Based on our previous Big Day meeting at Coleshill, the centre will be holding The Big Brunch with other stalls and attractions. Caemaen has plans to host lemonade stands on the way into town after people have enjoyed their brunch at Coleshill.

We plan to line the route from Coleshill to the Spring Gardens with balloons, helping to show people the way to the Big Lunch area. Participants can then get directions to The Elli Centre. People starting at the Elli Centre will get directions to get brunch at Coleshill, plus flyers with info, itinerary and map.

We are hoping that participants will bring their own tables and stands, but if needed, we may be able to borrow some. It's important that all participants book a spot as soon as possible so that we can ensure spaces. The deadline for bookings is Wednesday June 17th. Please do get in touch with us by that date to ensure a space.

ArtsCare GofalCelf have expressed an interest in joining us with some performance on the day, and we are discussing options with several social enterprises and other organisation.

We are planning to have event marshals who can guide people along the route. All involved are invited to wear costumes on the day, and teams of superheroes will be handing out free comics. These comics can hold up to three or four informational flyers, so if any organisation would like a flyer included, please supply them to us by the weekend of Sat 20th June, and we will endeavour to distribute fairly. As you can appreciate, we are looking for volunteers to help us in several areas.

Photography and filming for social media etc will be taken throughout the day, and we will try to showcase every participant and upload videos to our YouTube account. Please ensure that all involved have given their consent to our using photos and videos in a promotional context.

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